Saturday, 7 December 2013

Outside Looking In (My Short Film)

Hey everyone, I know its been a while everything's been a bit hectic with uni and the business however I have had a very few busy months since I last spoke! One of the main things was my short film I created for "The Scottish Mental Health and Arts Film Festival" which will also be used next year in belmont cinema as well as a few others which are in the talks right now! The film is also going to be available on the festivals official site as well as Penumbra's the charity which I had collaborated with on the project. This film "outside looking in" looks at real life stories surrounding mental health, all real people and the struggles and stigma faced in todays society. This film meant more to me than you can possibly imagine, it made me really look at myself and my own struggles. I can't thank enough the wonderful people who bravely shared their stories to me, they are real inspirations in my eyes and I have the upmost respect for them. Being able to create something so close to not only my heart but thousands of others really made this project so worthwhile. It has only recently gone on youtube but was created about 2 months ago, I have had messages from people who got to watch the film before the online premier telling me how much it helped them, this is exactly why I made this film, for the suffers who don't have a voice.Mental health is portrayed very negatively in media, this is why I felt the need to create this film, to show the truth that television, online and newspapers sweep under the rug. I am planning on working with the festival again next year and producing more mental health films, never have I been more proud of a project or more grateful to work with such wonderful people. I hope you enjoy this film as much as I did making it, please spread the word and get publicity for next years showings and remember if you are a sufferer NEVER give up, and to those who aren't support those in need where you can and help shake this stigma and discrimination, then maybe we can make a real difference. Thank You

Friday, 23 August 2013

Dundee Tattoo Convention Promotional Video

So I've just put the first promo video for the dundee tattoo convention and so far had some great feedback! Im soo happy you guys like it I put a lot of hard work into filming and editing that video, but don't worry there are plenty more videos AND photos to come these next few weeks so watch this space!

The convention was great, some amazing work was done there I couldn't believe my eyes, I loved some of the black and grey pieces by Hammer God Tattoo, such realism you should go check them out! There were some great bands including mama's baby who were really energetic on stage and the singer was awesome. Pretty Things Peepshow were a real treat, a burlesque troop from America, being a lover of burlesque I was soo excited to see them as I couldn't last time they came to scotland. A combination of traditional burlesque to sideshow acts of fireating, dancing on glass you name it, I would definitely recommend seeing them. There were some pretty stalls too, was really hard to not spend all my money on shiny jewellery and some amazing hand painted shoes by what is sole? For it's first year I couldn't believe how much was going on and how well it did. Makes me excited for next year. I hope you guys enjoy the video and others to come!.

Also as some people have been asking if you wanna find out more about booking me for events, promotional videos, photo shoots and much more just give me an email on- :)

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Modelling And My Experience

Hello everyone, I've just gotten back from the Dundee Tattoo Convention where I was the official videographer, so gonna be spending the next little while huddled in my room editing till all hours of the night, but I love it :). Anyway before I jump into that I thought I would do a post on my recent experiences in modelling. As some of you may know I am now represented by an alternative agency, The Twisted Agency and now have my first sponsor, an alternative jewellery line- Finch bespoke jewellery.

I only really got into modelling as of this year, as I started becoming more confident and showing my true self, looking how I always wanted too but too scared before of peoples comments I had more and more people suggesting I should give it a try, from other models to photographers so I thought to myself why not? I was really nervous in the beginning but then began to fall in love with it seeing the final images at the end felt unreal, it was soo strange to be on the other side of the camera.I soon found my niche in alternative modelling, I loved the style and look and really felt like myself in these shoots and as I get more tattoos and piercings I get more excited about my progression into the alt world. I have made some great Friends through modelling and had some amazing experiences so far. it has given me confidence I thought I could never have, finally after years of self hate and insecurities I am truly beginning to accept myself and can honestly say I like what I see in the mirror :). As expected I have gotten some hate for modelling however the mass of lovely comments have completely overridden them. Having done my first boudoir shoot last week was a real eye opener, I never thought I would have been able to do something like that before, really exposing myself and body to people, but now I have to say it's probably my favourite thing to shoot now. Not to say I am changing careers! Film and photography will always be my main propriety but these past few months of creatively branching out have been wonderful. I can't wait to see what the future holds, it may be a long journey to full recovery from years of anxiety and self esteem issues but so far it's been good and I'm gonna keep pushing through :). Hope you all enjoyed this post, now off to edit!

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Sarah Stitches Photoshoot

Hello all! I have some big news for you, I have recently been accepted as a representative model of the Twisted Agency, Im officially an alternative model, so expect some shoots with me in front of the camera very soon. Also I dyed my hair blue but more on that another day, what I wanted to show you was some pictures from my shoot today with alternative model Sarah Stitches, I was really excited to work with her, having seen her previous work I was very impressed, she has such a stunning and original look I thought to myself I have to shoot with her. Our theme was geeky schoolgirl which fit perfectly with our location, Aberdeen University, Sarah didn't have anything like this in her portfolio and neither had I so it was a fun new experience for us both. I was really happy with my shots, she was very natural in front of the camera and it really shows. We got to talking after and she was lovely and bubbly, we are in the midst of a possible collaboration again with us both modelling, so keep your eyes peeled folks!

Thursday, 25 July 2013

The Future...

A big bold statement, some can't wait for the future, others are terrified, personally I'm stuck in the middle. As much as I love what I do it is very scary to think it wont be long till Im finishing university and truly going into the big bad world. Especially since I am at a crossroad on wether to leave after third year and get my degree as opposed to honours, however this will ultimately depend on my placement next year and what me and kevin decide for the future in terms of living situations. For some honours is essential however over these 2 years I have come to learn it is more experience and passion as opposed to education when it comes to my specific field. All I know is I'm going to make the most of this year work as hard as I can with uni work, my business, radio, and much more. It will be tough and stressful and no doubt there will be tears but in the end it will be worth it, the best advice I have ever been given is to do the best you can then push
further to meet your full potential, no dream is too big or too small.


Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Films That Inspire Me

Hello everyone! Apologises for not blogging in a while i've been super busy with work and redecorating and lots of other fun stuff. However I promise I will be blogging regularly and I am in the middle of editing a blogger event video :).

So I thought I would do a blog on something im very passionate about-film. Film is my life, my career it's everything to me. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite films which inspire me and which I hold very dear to my heart.

The first film is a Tim Burton classic Edward Scissorhands, made in 1990 this was the first ever tim burton film I had seen, which had started a life long love for this film genius. Personally this film really speaks to me back as a child and even now I can relate to the misunderstood nature of edward and his struggles with social acceptance. Tim burton had shown me it's ok to be different, its ok if kids make fun of you for being weird, reading and writing books all day as opposed to playing outside. Looking back now I find the filming very impressive, some of the close up shots, colours, music and the ending scene are all simply beautiful.

Another film I adore made the same year is Misery, based on Stephen King's classic tale. Having read the book I was a bit skeptical of the film wondering if the story would work as it is predominately in one small bedroom. However was I wrong, unlike horrors of today where everything is all blood and guts, Misery terrifies the mind. The relationship between writer paul and obsessed fan annie is intense to say the least. To this day I cannot look at Kathy Bates without shuddering. Although primarily in one location the impressive acting by both characters makes you completely forget everything else. The subtle filming during scenes which would have the potential to be gory makes for an even scarier experience for the audience, letting their imaginations run wild. For once a film has matched if not been better than the book.

Last but not least although it is not one film I just had to put in Harry Potter, the books and films were my entire childhood. Words cannot express how much these mean to me as sad as it may sound to others, both the book and film opened my eyes to a world of a fantasy genre I could only dream of. To see the progression throughout the films, the maturing of the characters and continued realism of creatures I could only ever imagine through the power of CGI these films have a very special place in my heart. One of my biggest goals in life is to be published and have the opportunity to film my book.

I hope you enjoyed a tiny look into just some of the films which have inspired me throughout the years, if you would like more of these comment and let me know. I am also thinking of doing movie reviews in the near future on my blog and on radio next semester once I am production manager. Till next time.


Monday, 17 June 2013

Download Festival And Haul

Hello everyone! It's been a while as some of you may know I was away last week in england for the greatest heavy metal festival ever known as Download and Im not gonna lie it was amazing :D. The 8 and a half hour drive was soo worth it, especially getting to see one of my favourite bands bullet for my valentine for the second time this year and Papa Roach an old favourite of mine as a teenager, however on the friday stupidly me and everyone else decided to get right to the front for slipknots set, well that had to be the most mental gig of my life. Being the clumsy mess I am I tore the ligaments in my ankle being thrown in a huge mosh pit. Unfortunately we did have to leave early as I couldn't really walk and my boyfriend got a stomach infection, whom by the way never gets ill! Guess it was just bad luck however I enjoyed every minute anyway and we have planned our trip for next year already.

Anyway while we were at Download there were some amazing stalls, including clothing, body jewellery even oxygen bars. I was really tempted to get pierced while I was there but slapped my wrist knowing a new piercing and a festival with zero hygiene don't mix. So I did treat myself, I first got this amazing frankenstein and bride cardigan, I had my eye on this for a while but it was sold out EVERYWHERE so when I saw it at download I just had to have it.

The next item is an alice in wonderland shirt but with a bit of a makeover, I love this top with the piercings,tattoos and metallic top I have to say Alice looks badass a much better version if I do say so myself.

Next is a gorgeous dark angel top, what I love about this top is the long sleeves with lace detailing its great for a colder day as most of my top don't have long sleeves and the gothic background and goblet are a nice touch.

Now one of my friends told me its a sort of tradition at your first year at download to get a hat. There were soo many I couldn't choose but when I saw this checkered leather hat with the goggles I knew that was the one for me. It was perfect for slipknot and my boyfriend got a similar with devil horns and our friend Lewis got a gas mask, he looked pretty scary with it on and his hood up but at least no one barged into us at the arena thanks lewis!

I also got some jewellery as you can see below, including a melting Chanel necklace I've wanted for a while and a new jack skellington pendant because frankly you can't get enough of anything tim burton. I also got some cute hair bows.